Five Tips to Save Money

Five Tips to Save Money

Winters typically create higher energy bills, deterioration in indoor air quality, and health/safety concerns. But we want you to stay happy & healthy and spend less time worrying about the comfort of your home. Here are 5 tips for becoming smart, efficient, and safe during winter.

1. Upgrade to Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer tremendous convenience and functionality over regular thermostats. They are voice controlled and automatically adjust the temperature and can also be operated remotely by smartphones. Smart thermostats have learning and adaptive capability and automatically adjust the temperature based on your daily schedule. Unparalleled energy savings and precise temperature control are offered by smart thermostats.

2. Replace Furnace Filtersnergy Bills

People and pets spend much more time indoors during winter. Furnace filters become more clogged and dirty during this period leading to a drop in the efficiency of the Heating & Air Conditioner system. It is recommended to change your furnace filters once a month during winter. This will ensure much cleaner and healthier indoor air and save on energy bills.

3. Consider Air Filtration & UV Disinfection

Installation of an air filtration system is the first step towards cleaner and healthier indoor air. This system filters out microscopic particles and compliments your Heating & Air Conditioner system by making it more energy efficient. UV disinfection system deploys low voltage UV lights in your ductwork and can remove germs, bacteria, viruses, toxic gases, and odors.

4. Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is also known as a silent and invisible killer since this gas has no smell, color, or taste and is poisonous. Indoor CO level is at its peak during winters due to burning, heating, and a closed indoor environment. CO detectors sense abnormal levels of CO and trigger alarms. It’s a good practice to test your CO detectors every month by pressing the test button to check if the siren is functioning. Also, check and replace batteries on a regular basis.

5. Professional Preventive Maintenance

Professional Heating & Air Conditioner technicians are properly trained and well-equipped. They have an eye for detail and expertise to discover performance issues. Just imagine a heater breakdown situation in the middle of a cold winter night. Timely preventive maintenance proactively detects and addresses reliability and performance concerns and helps avoid breakdowns and costly repairs & replacements. Get in touch with our professional team and set up an appointment for your Heating & Air Conditioner system inspection.

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